Keep your data private, safe, and secure with Dadan

With Dadan's privacy features, your information is always in the right hand!

Dadan’s privacy settings reduce the chances of the wrong people getting access to your videos. Securely, you can host and share recordings in the cloud through Dadan with no risk since our privacy settings comply with the security requirements of every organization.

Record, manage and stream your video content securely

Dadan utilizes safeguards that protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your data. Users can access videos and folders through role-based authorizations. Dadan’s security settings provide users with the ability to implement strong passwords, password expiration, and more.

Control your audience and share publicly and privately

Dadan allows users to customize their files’ privacy settings, consider adding password protection to view a file or a private video, share the link with your colleagues or persons you invite to view the screen recording and allow your file to be viewed only by people who have the link so they can either download or stream the video. You can choose an expiration date for your link as well.

Switching computers? Hard disk collapsed? Dadan is your rescuer

With Dadan, your content is saved online so you won’t have to be concerned about losing your videos again as you can safely keep your recordings on Dadan’s secure and private online. Plus, you can now search¬ for your recordings easier and keep your recordings in a dedicated space online or in the cloud located off your computer.

Avoid losing your recordings with our secure backup

Save space on your computer by using the automatic back up feature for all your stored files by creating a copy of your video files and storing it online or on our cloud. luckily, with Dadan your content is saved online so you will not have to concern about losing your videos again. At the same time, you will save treasured hard disk space.

GDPR compliant solution

Dadan is following the high standards of The General Data Protection Regulation by allowing users’ direct access to their profiles. Users and customers value their privacy, and their confidence can be irrevocably damaged if a breach of data does occur, or their information was made available unknowingly. That’s why Dadan is here to be your trusted information keeper to create a long-lasting and loyal relationship with your customers.