Powerful video analytics at your fingertips

Get to know your audience by using Dadan’s video analytics

Dadan provides you with innovative video analytics to help you understand your viewers’ behavior. Monitoring your video analytics will make you learn more about your audience and it will allow you to turn views into results. See how audiences progress by tracking your videos’ engagement and identify which videos got the best results.


Increase video reach by tracking video analytics

Video analytics helps you to track content effectiveness, which means you can determine which videos are being watched, what parts viewers have re-watched and whom they shared it with. That’s how you’ll know precisely which content is making a difference on your video acceptance. You can also compare different platforms side-by-side to see where your audience is growing.


Go beyond the view counts with Dadan video analytics

Dadan helps you track videos’ engagement as these analytics will allow you to concentrate on creating content with higher engagement. Along with a total view count, you can also find out the total percentage viewed by the users. Also, you can give easy-to-export reports to your team or customers to easily follow up.


Dive deep into your analytics to see true engagement data of videos

Dadan gives you the most powerful detailed Video analytics dashboard to monitor how people are viewing your videos, where they’re watching, and on what devices. This way, you can enhance every aspect of your videos’ strategy. Plus, if you want to edit your video with a newer version, no concerns at all, it won’t affect the URL, likes, or comments.