Maximize audience reach to your content by sharing

Getting your video to the world easy and fast

Besides the multiple sharing options provided by Dadan, we allow you to copy the URL and paste it anywhere you want. Sharing your video with the right audience has become easier and faster as now you can share your video via different social media platforms, you can choose (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn … etc.) according to the presence of your audience. 

Put your video ad-free

No more distracting your audience with multiple and annoying ads because Dadan allows you to place your video ad-free on your site or anywhere you want, and your audience can watch the video without even referring to us! You can direct traffic to your site for more productivity.

Public / Private video and more!

We, at Dadan, value the importance of privacy, so we have provided you with many privacy options and video access control features. Determine who can watch the video, lock the video with a password, produce a link for each person, make it private, and you can make it available to everyone.

Long-term video without expiration!

Your videos can be stored completely safely on the unlimited clouds provided by Dadan and with no expiration date. Since Dadan follows the general regulation to protect subscribers’ data, you do not need to worry about your videos’ confidentiality.