Spreading public awareness for better health

Providing outstanding customer service would be one easy, achievable way to elevate your customers’ overall experience by using Dadan’s videos. It helps the customer service team to utilize screen recording videos to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Prevention is better than cure!

Public awareness is the first and main line of protection to confront disease outbreaks, and now, during the spread of Covid-19, Dadan gives you the opportunity to make a quick awareness video to educate people about how to prevent this disease, for example spreading the correct way to wash hands and other precautionary measures. 

Create medical testimonials easy!

Dadan gives you the opportunity to cooperate with your medical team to get testimonials about public awareness easily, for example, talk about how important it is to wash our hands to limit the spread of epidemics.


easy reach by Dadan!

Through us, you can publish your video to the right audience , we give you multiple options to publish your video, such as sharing the link on an e-mail or via social media platforms, so that people can interact with it and access it anytime and anywhere,  you can also see people’s comments and their responses and discuss it with them. 


Follow your creation with video analytics

Video analytics helps you track your success, and you can review the social adaptation and have their behavior changed on the topic at hand. For example, has their way of washing hands has actually changed? You can also watch the questions, which gives you a chance to visualize what the next video might look like.