Ignite creative minds with dadan

Providing outstanding customer service would be one easy, achievable way to elevate your customers’ overall experience by using Dadan’s videos. It helps the customer service team to utilize screen recording videos to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Work in content creation? Dadan will help you communicate

You can simply record a video to show a quick adjustment to a client in no time and get your feedback through Dadan. It will save you a lot of time to share design ideas, annotate visual bugs, capture GIFs or videos, and accelerate your workflow.

Simply capture and share your creativity through Dadan’s videos.

Videos inspire creativity and let you show off your creative ideas and more. Just hit the record button to turn those innovative moments into lasting videos. You can record videos on Mac, Chrome, and Windows.

Use Dadan for a personalized experience

Dadan allows you to draw, focus and use powerful texts whilst you are recording your video. Also, you can trim your recorded videos and add intros to your videos, such features help you personalize your creation into interesting videos.

Keep your interests and enthusiasm alive with Dadan

Show the world what you are passionate about through creating and sharing social or DIY projects. Record videos on your computer using face cam, screen, or both. Also, you can record videos on-the-go with Dadan’s mobile app to create engaging videos and attract more followers to your social platform.

Share your videos all over the world with a few clicks

You can easily share your videos on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Besides, you can share them directly to a YouTube channel or upload them on Dadan. It’s a useful way to make short, simple, and helpful content to improve engagement.