From employee onboarding to compliance and development with a personal touch​

Our upskill and knowledge videos allows you to enhance your employees’ experience. Now, you can get your organization on its way to recording more engaging videos for compliance training or new hire onboarding.

Record and structure training courses with your workforce.

For HR Professionals

Company training can be time-consuming and costly but in today’s workplace, Dadan helps you to maintain employees' awareness of work processes, policies, and procedures using training videos.

For Employees

Based on their own schedule, staff can watch and learn to be able to perform as desired, be more competitive alongside with their peers and thrive.

For Managers

Your employees are up to speed, efficient and most importantly compliant. Using Dadan, department heads can enforce company’s values adaption.

Microlearning is a Win-Win for Employees and Organizations

Workers barely have enough time for learning, hence, a microlearning approach has been desired by many organizations to feed up small nuggets of information over long periods to ensure progress. Employees can learn based on their own pace to cope up with company’s goals, and their development can be monitored and coached by their managers and HR.

Train your employees and cope up fast? Dadan is your solution

Training and development videos are a great way to shorten the knowledge gap that employees might have as well as educate them about work procedures and how effectively they do their job. Dadan videos can rocket boost your organization’s wellness to change in a fast dynamic market.


Slash your expenses with the creation of Dadan's training videos

Dadan keeps your overhead cost low by eliminating the old methods of training, which has been always crucial to companies’ prosperity. Training uplifts employees’ efficiency and reduces human error; Dadan delivers those training sessions to employees wherever they are and whenever they want! Thus, costs are reduced, and profits are inflated.

Track, survey, and coach

Dadan analyzes video’s engagement, completion rate and conducts questionnaires to collect staff’s training session intake. Video insights visualize training adaption across the company, which helps the HR Team form future training courses that take in consideration employees’ previous interactions and helps management coach workforce.