Empower self-study and distant learning​

Gone are the days when students had to attend lectures and drop-in workshops in-person for gaining knowledge. Now thanks to Dadan, students and teachers can stay at home without affecting the learning process which gives homeschooling a whole new lease of life.

Dadan helps to keep communication lines open between teachers, parents and students.

For Teachers

Dadan is an ideal choice to describe step-by-step experiments and explain complex concepts. Also, assign videos as homework and collect learners’ verbal feedback.

For Students

Conveniently, students can watch recorded video lessons anytime, anywhere and have complete control of the lesson; they can re-watch any part of the video as much as needed.

For Parents

Engaging parents has been increased by opening up a direct channel with teachers and by overseeing children’s continuous improvement.

Adapting a Flipped Classroom? Dadan is the best solution.

A Flipped Classroom compliant SaaS application that is engineered to journey both teachers and students into the desired transition process from the traditional education methods, where students are more than ever involved in shaping the classroom session.

Encourage students with one-to-one thoughtful and guided feedback.

Using video feedback offers a more personal and constructive approach to students’ engagement in their courses. Easily provide personalized video mentorship and receive students’ responses to drive thoughtful conversations and collaborative thinking.

Bring lectures right onto your sofa with more effective learning.

Education has become more convenient! Now, students can learn at their own pace: watch, pause, or replay videos whenever they want. There’s no need to get up early, get dressed, take a bus, you name it. Comfort is a great benefit!

Implement curriculum by modeling learning paths.

Teachers with Dadan can get the library’s videos connected, shaping a clear learning path, which ensures students follow well-defined curricula. Additional quizzes can be added, and attendance statistics can be reviewed.