Use Dadan to deliver outstanding customer service

Providing outstanding customer service would be one easy, achievable way to elevate your customers’ overall experience by using Dadan’s videos. It helps the customer service team to utilize screen recording videos to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Support, help and answer through screen capture.

For Customer Service Representative

Your customer service representatives will spend less time and effort Describing and fixing issues by creating short video tutorials for clients, which is the latest trend to ensure customer management success.

For Users

Seeing is believing, users will easily comprehend videos more long descriptive and sequential instructions, and they can also respond to a specific point in the video’s timeline.

Unify users experience by reusable knowledge base videos.

Create, publish, and reuse knowledge base tutorial videos for customers to self-serve common issues. Eliminate confusions and communicate more clearly by creating and sharing annotated videos instead of screenshots.

Close tickets faster using Dadan's support videos.

Express how to solve customers’ requests with a tailored video to eliminate follow-up questions and give them the answers they need. Dadan videos explain complex ideas; leaving no room for uncertainty which in turn ensures client’s issues are resolved.

Be proactive, reach out to clients before they complain.

Whenever you have a new release or potentially harming bug, communicate the error to your client list before they even notice. Explaining tutorial makes it easy for the user to solve an issue that isn’t yet present.

Cut corners and escalate tickets to tier 3.

Your limited resources of tier 3 representatives are more accessible than ever before. Tier 3 can now attend to tickets according to their schedule by recording videos with their faces; building trust with clients knowing that tier 3 is speaking to them.