Dadan boosts collaboration and creativity from anywhere

Facilitate collaboration among remote teams

Dadan is designed for employees to work together efficiently, solve complicated problems, execute new ideas, and share knowledge with no need for long live calls and meetings. As remote employees can get quick answers from colleagues, explain critical details or step-by-step instructions and more through Dadan videos.

Flip your meetings? win back time wasted in meetings through Dadan

Dadan is your guide to utilize the flipped meeting concept in your system. Flipping your meetings can help you record a presentation describing the information attendees need to be informed with before the meeting. This way, you can focus on getting the work done instead of wasting your time on unnecessary long meetings. Therefore, you will encourage your teams to collaborate smartly.

Dadan conveys your emotions compared to apathetic emails

Working remotely is here to stay, that’s why Dadan is here to help you collaborate with your colleagues from anywhere and at your comfort. Show your face as part of the recording, delivering an audio explanation with your facial expressions, gestures, and voice intonations add personal experience and increases recipients’ engagement.

Dadan isn’t a one-way communication tool, get your audience's feedback!

Dadan makes it easy to capture every detail in a quick video, so others can follow along as though they were in a one-to-one meeting. With Dadan’s collaboration tools, participants can watch the video according to their schedule, replay, fast-forward, or slow the video’s speed. Participants can also forward the video to other stakeholders if they were allowed by the video’s creator.

Communicate ideas and feedback visually with Dadan's videos

Express everything you want to say through using Dadan’s collaboration tools to easily share videos, get feedback, and save time. Plus, you can let your viewers leave timed comments on specific parts of your videos and have more control over your comments. For instance, you can mute comments, hide them, or make them public and interact with emojis on videos’ timeline to help them reach the most collaborative experience. Organize your recordings in team folders, and even leave time stamped feedback and inquiries inside the video.