An efficient, expressive, effective way to communicate

Make your point faster with Dadan annotation tools

No more lengthy emails or written explanations to clarify complex concepts. Dadan utilizes annotation tools to highlight details that may be hard to see within a larger context. Annotations can also be used as an editing tool, such as: underlining words, circling mistakes, adding checkmarks of approval, signifying the movement of sections with an arrow, making comments or suggestions with text, or using emojis to show emotion.

Emphasize Details And Clarify Ideas With Dadan

Annotations are bringing attention to important details that might be overlooked or hard to find as they can help you drive your point home by marking up your content. You can be assured that no one will be confused by your content With Dadan annotation tools, you can add lines, arrows, circles, drawings, text descriptions to your content to ensure small details aren’t missed in your videos.

Bring attention to important details within seconds

Give feedback on ideas by adding text to screen captures or draw out question marks for areas that need more clarification. Make changes and markups within seconds to accelerate the feedback process and easily refer to specific details that you want to change by circling them or using an arrow. Thus, you will make screen captures and recordings even more clear with annotations that help viewers understand how something works or answers a very specific question.

No time for one-on-one calls? Dadan’s annotation tools are your way out

Dadan allows you to be more personally connect with your team without having to do different one-on-one calls which could be impossible sometimes. So, colleagues can utilize annotations to express exactly what they mean when sharing a problem by using colourful lines and circles that can be used to draw attention to helpful information within existing content. So, you will improve communication and save time with ease.